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The Florida Civil Rights Museum, Inc.℠ was established to display, protect, and preserve the stories, legacies, and institutions that exist to illuminate the history of civil rights leaders in the state. The museum is significant as the only statewide-focused civil rights museum in Florida, proposed for initial location in the capital city and sets itself apart as a virtual component at present. Satellite offices located at 1618 Keith Street in Tallahassee are currently under renovation.

In 2010, the Florida Legislature unanimously enacted the Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame, with the intent to recognize and honor those persons, living or dead, who have made significant contributions to this state as leaders in the struggle for equality and justice for all persons. Since that time, 24 individuals have been selected for induction into the civil rights hall of fame. Though this extraordinary act of the legislature is critically important, the continued existence of a fully functional institution to serve as a repository for the pertinent and significant documentation of this history is sorely needed.

The curation of exhibits, including virtual, traditional, and traveling displays, will serve to enlighten members of the public about the contributions of historical figures whose commitment to the advancement of equal opportunity made life better for all. A statewide convention would serve to put heads in beds, increase tourism, and contribute to economic development in all areas of Florida. Through partnerships with various sites, universities, libraries, local governments and institutes, all persons, whether they be resident, or visitor, will be treated to pertinent historical information heretofore unknown to most. The creation of a database, and subsequent dissemination of such information to the public will enhance the knowledge of many, and further stimulate the intellectual curiosity of the visitor. Of the many initiatives created by the FCRM℠, providing significant research for the creation of civil rights heritage walks and interactive historical markers in select Florida counties will also serve to honor and preserve this history in a unique and attractive fashion.

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